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China India territory disputes hits Shanghai Expo?

2010. 31 August

by Elaine Chow

( China and India, never quite besties, are now at odds with each other over a whole host of issues. It seems that as the world's two most populated countries continue to gain economic and political influence, their relationship with each other has become increasingly strained. But who'd have expected the conflict to actually hit the Expo in Shanghai?

The problem: maps at the India Pavilion were allegedly showing certain parts of Tibet and Arunachal Pradesh as belonging to India - claims that China contests.

Arunachal Pradesh is an area that's located in the far northeast of India and contains parts China considers as sections of its Tibetan Autonomous Region. A 1914 treaty between Great Britain and the de facto independent government of Tibet established the McMahon line, which India now considers its northern border. But since the Republic of China (back then) wasn't a party to the treaty, China now disputes its legitimacy.

There was a brief war over Arunachal Pradesh in 1962, but China ended it after conquering most of the area, declaring victory and then voluntarily moving back behind the McMahon line. It has more or less quietly sat there until recently.