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Tekla showcased BIM benefits at the World Expo

2010. 1 September

( Tekla hosted an international delegation of AEC industry and education representatives to a special experience in the Finland Pavilion of Shanghai World Expo on August 18, 2010. Arranged in the context of the first Global Summit on the Sustainable Built Environment, the event introduced the BIM (Building Information Model) of the pavilion in unique and fascinating detail. ”This audience was one of the most interested I’ve seen come through during the Expo,” said pavilion director Annikka Alanko of project owner Finpro.

The Better Building, Better World conference was organized by Stanford and Tongji Universities on August 16-20, gathering more than 220 specialists of sustainable building from all around the world. It aimed to raise the awareness of world citizens to the significant role that building operations play as major contributors to climate change. The Tekla event arranged in the Finland Pavilion ‘Kirnu’ during the summit was another success with 120 participants; the organizations attending Tekla’s presentation included Finnish project owner Finpro, project contractor Lemminkäinen, Sinotech Engineering of Taiwan, Sunway Construction of Malaysia, and Tekla’s software partner Trimble from the United States.

Stacy Scopano of Tekla presenting BIM benefits at Shanghai World Expo Finland Pavilion Pekka Haanpää of Lemminkäinen China Co. Ltd and Stacy Scopano of Tekla presented information model-based collaboration, which greatly benefitted the construction of the Finland pavilion and will further benefit its disassemble and rebuild after the Expo. ‘Designed to deconstruct’, the building includes modular floors, completely bolted structure, and preplanned phases to redeliver and reinstall. JKMM Architects of Helsinki made the original design with Rhinoceros and Archicad software, after which the outside and inside surfaces were used as starting points for the Tekla modeling. The result of this model-based collaboration between different disciplines Ken Shawler of Trimble presenting BIM software interoperability at Shanghai World Expo Finland Pavilionwas that despite the late start due to unanticipated complexity of design selection, and despite the late design changes due to fabrication limitations, the project was delivered on time with minimum inventory, materials, and site storage.

“It’s always exciting to see the realization of a unique and sustainable building design become reality. This type of design, its construction, and the people involved will influence the shape of our industry for years to come. It was a pleasure to participate in this event and meet these industry professionals” said Ken Shawler of Trimble.

A Finnish choir practising in 'Kirnu', the Finland Pavilion of Shanghai World Expo Altogether 13 of the Expo’s pavilions were modeled and built with the help of Tekla Structures software. “The design of the Finland exhibit is the first calm place I’ve visited in the Expo,” said one of Tekla’s visitors on August 18. While the more than 100 delegates were touring the pavilion, a Finnish choir happened to be practicing in the center of the building at the exact moment the tour started. Coincidentally, the choir was touring the pavilion on their way to Beijing for a competition. This unexpected event added to the unique Finnish experience Tekla wanted to provide its quests in the pavilion.

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