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We take note of criticisms

2010. 13 September

( Speaking to the media during his stop at the World EXPO in Shanghai, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong used the example of the Singapore pavilion to sell his regime as one which take note of criticisms “seriously”.

The Singapore pavilion has come under intense fire last month for its design and few display items, prompting the organizers to “improve” it which won generous praises from PM Lee.

“I read the criticisms in the papers, in particular earlier on, some of the shortcomings. And we took them seriously. I talked to the staff and I think they have put in a big effort to improve it. And they have progressively upgraded the display over the last few months, so I think we’ve got not a bad product now,” he was quoted as saying in Straits Times.

PM Lee is currently in China where he visited Chongqing and Changsha. Another 46 PAP MPs and activists are in Jiangsu province on a “bonding trip” with their fellow communist comrades.

Contrary to what he said, the PAP regime only take kindly to “constructive criticisms” which do not question thege legitimacy of its rule.

During an election rally in 2006, PM Lee raised eyebrows among many when he said rather nonchalantly that he would have to “spend all his time thinking of ways to fix the opposition” should more of them get elected into Parliament.

A few months ago, PAP minister without portfolio Lim Swee Say caused a ruckus when he said in Parliament that “we (PAP) are deaf to all criticisms” in response to queries from PAP-endorsed “opposition” MP Low Thia Kiang.

In the meantime, the cult-figure building of PAP strongman Lee Kuan Yew continues as the organizers added a video on Singapore’s development narrated by him.