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Denmark Wins Nordic Expo championship

2010. 20 September

( After a fierce battle Denmark became Nordic Champion at EXPO 2010 Shanghai. Norway came in second, followed by Sweden, Finland and Iceland.

During the day guides from each pavilion competed with sweat, ink and rubber boots to resolve the historical battle about which Nordic country is the best.

Norway organized a word puzzle won by the Danes; Island had a treasure hunt, also won by the Danes. The Swedes came first in their own competition, a relay through their exhibition and a competition that required excellent EXPO guide skills: who was the fastest Nordic guide to stamp EXPO passports.

The Finland Pavilion hosted rubber boot throwing - a favorite sport of the Finns dating back to the 1970’ties - which was won by the Swedes.

The competition ended in the Denmark Pavilion with a triathlon where guides, surround by a cheering crowd, tested their running skills, raced on Danish city bikes and dived in the pool by the Little Mermaid.

When the Danish guides came in first in the triathlon, the victory of the Nordic Championship was theirs.

Afterwards the Danish band RØST performed with their Nordic tunes by the Street Bar while the guides enjoyed cold beers and prepared for the award ceremony taking place in the Sweden Pavilion.