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Yume Robo climbing robots

2010. 1 November

by Mark R

( The Shanghai Expo saw some interesting exhibits such as the end of the driverless vehicles trip, and then these three guys.

This trio are known as Yume Robo, and they have been climbing up and down this 15-meter wall at the Japanese pavilion every 20 minutes, for approximately 184 days. The three robot team was created by some group of engineers “at 15 small and midsize companies in Osaka”.

You can see them in a video after the jump if you want to check them out. Be warned, they climb really slow and they cannot work without a safety rope. I’m not certain who dressed these guys, but they are about 1.4 meters tall and weigh 30 kilograms. And what is the deal with the rabbit ears antennae on their heads?

I suppose one should wonder why they made a robot that could climb. Perhaps someone wanted to make a robot that would become a window washer for tall buildings. Of course, this would imply that some big metal scaffold would be on this building. Maybe they could put some suction cups to the robots.

I suppose that is the wonderful thing about robots, we just make them so we can prove that we can make them. That, or for when someone gets stuck at the top of the Tokyo Tower. Yume Robo team to the rescue!