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Information and Communication Pavilion

2009. 25 June

( China Mobile and China Telecom today started building an Information and Communication Pavilion at the Expo 2010's Puxi section.

The 6,196-square-meter pavilion promises a dream-like light fantasy on its surface. It will take visitors on an interactive fun journey exploring cutting-edge information and communication technologies, their applications and influence over the next 10 years and how they will help usher in a convenient and better life.

The theme is "Information and Communication - Extending City Dreams." Visitors will be able to use mobile phones and terminals to "chat" with virtual characters and experience a new charming way of information and communication.

The pavilion's surface will change color and recyclable materials to counter air and noise pollution will be used in its construction.

China Mobile and China Telecom are two global partners of Expo 2010. Twelve central enterprises will build six corporate pavilions for the Expo Shanghai, including the National Grid Pavilion, the Information and Communication Pavilion, and a Space Home Pavilion.

Expo will have 16 corporate pavilions.