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German press officer: Expo Shanghai Online revolutionary innovation

2009. 5 July

( The Expo Shanghai Online is a revolutionary innovation offering a chance for people from all over the world to have a remote experience of Expo 2010

"I have never seen something like that (online expo) before. It's a revolutionary solution to innovate the traditional way of presenting a world exposition. It's great, really great," said Guido Gudat, head of Communications German Pavilion of Expo 2010.

"Internet and new technologies are now giving the opportunity for everyone to have a look at the big event. It will be a big new thing," he added.

The ceremony was held at Capital Museum in Beijing and followed up with a large exhibition detailing the latest developments in expo preparations, including pictures of the pavilions set up by participating nations.

Gudat said that German Pavilion, themed "balancity," will set up and keep updating the information for online participants.

Expo 2010 Shanghai, which lasts from May 1 to Oct. 31 next year under the theme "Better City, Better Life," will be the first world exposition to be accompanied by an online exposition.

The online expo aims to present information about pavilions and much more. People can log onto its website ( to visit all exhibitions and pavilions interactively, guided by Haibao, the Shanghai World Expo's mascot.

The German Pavilion will show people by the pioneering invention how to keep a city in balance even if they could not visit the World Expo personally, said Gudat, "We are looking very much forward to it."

Gudat also mentioned another invention of Expo 2010 Shanghai , the Urban Best Practices Area (UBPA). Visitors will gain an extraordinary experience in an interactive manner and embark on a marvelous journey towards future cities.