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Shanghai World Expo Music Festival

2009. 20 April

By Jake Newby
( So you thought Midi was the only festival game in town? Think again. Three music events - all festivals of a sort - covering three different types of music are heading your way in the next month or so.

Yes, we know one of them is related to Expo, but World Music has the right to a festival too and bringing in those kind of artists was never going to escape Haibao's reach this close to 2010.

We'll have more details on all of these nearer the time but, for now, here's a preview:

World Music Shanghai
When: April 30 - May 30
Where: Century Park and Oriental Arts Centre
For festival purists this probably stretches the definition too far. It lasts for a month and is unlikely to feature hundreds of people who haven't washed or slept in days dancing in mud to bands they can barely see. Still, top of the bill will be Sa Dingding - remember her? - and there'll also be artists from India, Brazil, Zimbabwe and ethnic minority groups around China. As this is going to have the Expo banner slapped all over it, we're also hopeful that Haibao will guest with his hip hop dancing.

What: Straight Oota Canada
When: May 1 - 3
Where: Yuyintang and LOgO
Too lazy to head on down to Zhenjiang? Split Works feels your pain. They've teamed up with transmitCHINA, the people bringing all the Canadian bands to Midi, to put on a series of shows at YYT and LOgO with, well, all the Canadian bands going to Midi. Not only that, but they're pairing them with some of the finest Chinese bands around too. Here's a few of the acts involved: The Stills, Jets Overhead, Priestess, Hollerado, Socalled, Sonnet, Crazy Mushrooms and Five Pointed Star.

What: Antidote Festival of Electronic Music
When: May 23
Where: Zhujiajiao
Shanghai DJ-ing institution Antidote - a group who have brought us so many good events over the years they're practically a synonym for quality - are heading out to the water town of Zhujiajiao for the day. Joining them will be Zig Zag, Resist Resist, Reptile & Retard, B6, and Ben Houge amongst others. This festival will take place in the afternoon and be over by the evening, meaning you can still catch the bus back to Shanghai afterwards and enjoy it all without camping overnight in Zhujiajiao. Unless you really want to.