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EU signs Shanghai expo participation contract

2009. 10 July

( EU Ambassador to China, Mr. Serge Abou, Shanghai on 10th July signs the participation contract for the 2010 Shanghai Expo on behalf of the European Commission.

President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, announced the decision to participate in the Shanghai Expo to Premier Wen Jiabao during their meetings in Brussels in January 2009.

The decision, which breaks with the general policy of the Commission not to participate in any world fairs outside of the EU, reflects the importance that the Commission attaches to the strategic partnership between the European Union and China, as well as the strength and vitality of the European business and cultural community in Shanghai municipality itself.

In April, the EU decided to share 1000m2 of the Belgian pavilion, since Belgium will also hold the revolving presidency of the EU during the second half of 2010.

The general theme of the EU pavilion will be "Intelligent Europe". Just as human intelligence works through building connections through different parts of the brain, building an "intelligent" Europe evolves and develops by creating connections across the national boundaries of its member countries.

The result is a body of common rules and standards, of joint projects and a high standard of living in a Europe that respects and promotes diversity, while preserving cultural heritage and the environment. The EU's cities perfectly demonstrate how the integration process works for the everyday life of Europeans. The Expo will therefore concentrate on examples of key achievements and skills that create common features in all EU cities.

For example, the exhibition will showcase the EU's environmental protection and energy-saving models. It will display cutting edge technology, with a focus on how such technology can create harmonious and sustainable living in cities. It will also highlight how EU policies have increased people's mobility between EU cities, for example with transport networks, common product safety standards or education exchange programmes, such as ERASMUS.

For specialized audiences, the specific governance model of the EU will be highlighted. For example, events will stimulate debate on how EU public policies bring together governmental and non-governmental organizations as well as businesses and media to achieve efficient economic and social solutions. And the exhibits will also illustrate in concrete terms the EU's commitment to peace, security and sustainable development in the world.