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Water plant primed for service

2009. 11 July

( Summer water shortages could soon end for residents in Luwan, Huangpu, Xuhui and Jing'an districts.

The Nanshi water plant started production yesterday with the completion of the first phase of a project to replace the century-old water plant which has been ongoing since August, 2007.

The plant's daily supply capacity has been improved from 400,000 to 500,000 cubic meters and the water quality will improve, the plant management said yesterday.

The old plant has now ceased production. Total investment in the renovation project's two phases will amount to 1.15 billion yuan (US$168 million), according to its investor, state-owned Shanghai Chengtou Corp.

The plant officials said the second phase of construction had already started, which will aim to increase the daily water supply by another 200,000 cubic meters when it is completed.

The Shanghai Water Bureau said it expected demand for water to be less than last year because of the economic downturn but some areas may still face water shortages.

The plant is located inside the 2010 World Expo site on the west bank of the Huangpu River, next to the Nanpu Bridge. All tap water for the western Expo site will come from the plant.

Concerns about waste pollutants resulting from water processing were also being addressed by the new plant, the management said.

"The new plant uses the latest technology," said Yu Xiao, an official of the plant management. "Silt left by water processing will be treated to turn more solid compared to the old method. This means it can all be transported out by vehicles to avoid being discharged into the waterway."

Officials also revealed yesterday that the water supply facilities inside the World Expo site would be under 24-hour surveillance by a security patrol force.