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Veteran Taiwan singer Sky Ng

2009. 20 July

( 34 songs have been released for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. One of the highlights is "Better City Better Life". The tune is performed by a dozen of famous singers including Eason Chan and Sky Ng.

It's a special gift to celebrate the 300-day countdown to the opening of the Shanghai Expo. On today's LIST, let's take a closer look of Taiwan singer Sky Ng.

Taiwan singer Sky Ng was born in 1966. At the age of 20, Sky Ng began his singing career at pubs when he was studying painting in Taipei.

Not long after that, Ng's talent was discovered by music producer Cao Junhong and Chen Fuming. The duo was preparing to launch their own record company.

Soon, the team made Sky Ng's first album "How to say love". The title song was a big hit on various pop music charts. With it, Sky Ng won second place in the top ten Gold Songs of 1998. It was a successful year for Ng. He also got the top ten New Comers of the year.

With such encouragement, Sky Ng released two albums in the following year: "Waiting You, Loving You" and "My Most Beloved Friend". Together, both songs helped Ng win most votes for a singer on the Dragon and Tiger Chart of Singapore.