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Expo 2010 to provide multilingual weather forecasts

2009. 28 July

( World Expo 2010 Shanghai will provide weather forecasts in several languages.

The city will publish the weather forecasts via television, the Internet and outdoor digital screens around the city during the six-month event, officials with the Pudong Meteorological Bureau told Tuesday's Shanghai Morning Post.

    Officials didn't say which languages the forecasts would be available in, but they noted that the system takes into account the different reactions people have to the same weather.

    For example, in Shanghai, a heat alert will be issued when the temperature reaches 35 degrees Celsius, but in India, such a warning isn't issued until the mercury tops 40 degrees, officials said. While in the Netherlands, a heat alert is raised when the temperature climbs to 30 degrees.

    The weather forecast system will be integrated with the city's emergency response system during the Expo, officials said.

    During heat waves, the system will suggest visitors cut outdoor activities and shift their visits to the Expo during cooler parts of the day. And the park may restrict visitor inflows to ensure safety, according to officials.

    This summer, Shanghai has sizzled through 14 hot days with the mercury above 35 degrees. The temperature topped 40 degrees on July 20, the hottest day in the past 75 years.