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Families get ready for 2010's visitors

2009. 29 July

( Four families in Zhabei District have been selected for a pilot program to receive 2010 World Expo visitors.

Up to yesterday, 25 families had signed up to provide temporary hotel services for the event, according to Linfen Community in the district.

The selection of more families will start next month. The neighborhood committee will evaluate their facilities, education background and safety and sanitation conditions.

"We expect the home-stay families will have a bedroom of more than 13 square meters for the guests, with facilities such as air-conditioning, TV and a bathroom," said committee official Jiang Wenlei. "It will be better if they can provide a washing machine and broadband access."

Jiang said most of the households signing up to host home stays were elderly people because they usually had rooms available.


Wu Guoxiang, a 58-year-old retired woman, and her husband are one of the four households selected. They have two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

"I think the only problem will be language," Wu said. "I can speak a little Russian, but not English. So I hope Expo volunteers can help me communicate."

The families will not only provide accommodation but also a taste of community culture. Wu is a big Chinese Yueju opera fan and hopes to perform in her costume for guests.

The Shanghai Tourism Administration said the city's hotels may not be able to accommodate all the 70 million visitors expected for the Expo. They estimate there will be a shortage of about 100,000 beds and hope more local families will receive visitors.