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Hospitals Run Expo Aid Stations

2009. 7 August

( Five medical stations run by Shanghai's top hospitals will serve the 2010 World Expo zone to offer first aid and arrange critical patient transport, while an infectious disease prevention and control network is being established to protect visitors and local residents during the Expo.

Local health officials outlined their preparations on food safety, medical treatment, public health and infectious disease prevention and control for the Expo, which is expected to attract 400,000 to 700,000 visitors per day and a total of 70 million visitors, at an international seminar on public health for the Expo on Thursday.

More than 160 government experts, World Health Organization officials and consulate officials participated in the seminar.

"We will have volunteers who can speak foreign languages serving at the medical stations to help foreign patients," said Li Weiping, deputy director of Shanghai Health Bureau.

He wanted to reassure Expo visitors that they will receive good medical treatment, with another five to 10 emergency medical teams and top experts from 30-odd local hospital medical centers on stand-by.

Seven to 10 ambulances will be stationed at the zone every day to transport patients to designated hospitals. The bureau will not use helicopters due to strict air controls.

"Infectious disease is a key challenge for the city during the event with visitors from hundreds of countries and regions," Li said.

The bureau is working on a plan specializing on prevalent contagious diseases from overseas.

"Shanghai has gained experiences in infectious disease control through SARS and the recent swine flu, while imported diseases which we aren't familiar with can be a big threat," Li said.

The city's exit-entry authorities will enhance examinations during the Expo and give visitors necessary vaccinations.

Officials said it is too early to say which foreign visitors will receive shots and which vaccines they will receive. Much will depend on disease around the world at the time.