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Full-length historical human documentary begins shooting in Shanghai

2009. 6 August

( The Bund, a full-length historical human documentary which is scheduled to release in May 2010 when the Shanghai World Expo opens, started shooting Wednesday in Shanghai.

    The Bund, known as exhibition of World's art architectures and landmark of Shanghai, boasts witnessing the history of the city for more than 160 years.

    Directed by Zhou Bing, whose representative masterpiece is the Forbidden City, the Bund sets bilingual scripts, Chinese and English, to cater to international markets.

    Soundbite: Zhou Bing, director of the Bund "The National Geographic Magazine has a product mode which set a model for this. Our target audiences are not only Shanghai residents, but also those who are familiar to English."

    The Bund will continue to employ the 3D technology which was also used in Zhou's documentary the Forbidden City.

    Besides, roles of famous historical figures such as legendary Du Yuesheng and British Robert Hart will be seen in the film.

    Soundbite: Zhou Bing, director of the Bund "Audiences are expected to like the Bund more than the Forbidden City. The Bund has more dramatic conflicts and more emotional expression. I always talk about human emotion, which makes a film more attractive."

    The production team will visit US Library of Congress in Washington and French National Audiovisual Institute to get some rarely-known video materials.

    Xinhua News Agency correspondents reporting from Shanghai.(XHTV)