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'Wuyun' Porcelain of Hunan's Lilin County Shows up in Shanghai

2009. 11 August

( Recently, Lilin 'Wuyun' ('Five Lingering Charms') Porcelain, combining the five techniques of five-color painted ceramic under glaze, Chinese red, underglaze blue, decoration with liquid gold, and embossment into one, made its first public appearance in Shanghai to show the overwhelming splendor of Lilin porcelain after it had become the licensed product of the 2010 Shanghai Expo.

It is learned that the Lilin five-color painted ceramic under glaze won the golden award in Panama-Pacific International Exposition in 1915, when it made a name in the world. After 95 years, Lilin porcelain will make its appearance in Expo again.

Lilin "Wuyun Porcelain" appearing in Shanghai is from Lilin Xiling porcelain kiln, designed by Xiao Jianhui, a senior industrial artist. Combining the shape of the Chinese character "Zhong" and the Oriental Pearl Tower, the "Wuyun Porcelain" reflects the concepts of the Shanghai Expo, i.e. "innovation" and 'integration". The whole set of "Expo-Wuyun Porcelain", completely made by hand, consists of four parts- "Harmonious Pearl", "Prosperous Orient", "Auspicious Pearl" and "Grand Orient". Giving highlights to the culture of "integration", "Harmonious pearl" takes lotus, fish and water as the main patterns of the porcelain. Taking "surplus" as the soul, "Prosperous orient" demonstrates the mightiness, dignity, splendor and floridity of Chinese style through brilliant peony. Characterized by "peace", "Auspicious pearl" embodies luck, happiness and quietude by means of dignified and graceful composite flowers. With "prosperity" as the verve and magnolia (the city flower of Shanghai as the dominant flower, "Grand orient" gives full expression to the spirit of pioneering for progress, vigor and vitality and aiming high.