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Spotlight falls on urban harmony extravaganza

2009. 11 August

by Yang Jian
( A Taiwan arts company, along with Shanghai Media Group, will provide a spectacular stage show based on the "Better City, Better Life" theme of the 2010 World Expo.

The Taipei Arts International Association yesterday signed a deal with the Expo organizer.
The stage show, "Light of Cities," will use music and dance to tell an urban story of love and harmony.

It would show the development of Chinese cities from ancient to modern times as well as urban lives in different countries, said Serrina Chen, director of the association and a producer of the show.

The show would involve Chinese opera, Western drama, acrobatics and multimedia, she said.

Dialogue will be sparse in the show to help visitors from around the world.

The show will last for 30 to 40 minutes and feature four afternoon and night sessions. A total of 650 shows will be performed during the Expo.

The organizer will build an indoor stage especially for the centerpiece show in the Expo Park at the very west of the Expo site. It will be about 8,000 square meters in area and 20 meters high and capable of holding 2,000 spectators.

It will also be able to be dismantled and moved to other venues at the site.