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Meeting at NMC to review progress on UAE's participation at EXPO 2010

2009. 13 August

( A meeting to review progress on the United Arab Emirates' participation at EXPO 2010, chaired by the UAE's EXPO Commissioner General, Salem Al Ameri, was held at the National Media Council (NMC) on Wednesday morning.

In his opening remarks, Salem Al Ameri commented that the UAE's Expo Pavilion is an iconic project, designed by world-class architects, and that it demonstrated the strong commitment of the UAE Government under its President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and
its Prime Minister, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashed Al Maktoum, to participate in this important World Expo event.

Welcoming attendees to the meeting, the NMC's Director General, Ibrahim Al-Abed, paid tribute to the work of the EXPO Committee, and stressed that this is a project that offers great opportunities for the UAE to strengthen political, cultural and economic ties with China and the rest of the world.

The meeting was attended by representatives of a number of major organizations in the UAE including the UAE Ministry of Foreign Trade (MoFT), which is involved in coordinating business aspects of the project; Tourism Development Investment Company (TDIC); Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council; Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority; Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM); The Jumeirah Group and Dubai Consultancy. All participants expressed their strong interest in the project and their commitment to give it their full support.

The meeting reviewed progress on the construction of the pavilion; the design and implementation plans for the interior exhibition; operation and management of the Business Centre on the mezzanine floor; commercial partnership and sponsoring opportunities; the UAE's cultural programme that will form part of its involvement at EXPO; development of the �Dream Journey' promotion; the UAE Expo website (; and plans directed at strengthening the project through cooperation and partnerships.

EXPO 2010 is expected to be the largest exhibition ever and will certainly be the biggest World EXPO in history. Being held in Shanghai, China, and opening on 01 May 2010, the organizers have chosen the overall theme of 'Better City - Better Life' for the event. The UAE will show how it has embraced this theme ever since its formation and how world-class urban planning is guiding its future development with models such as Abu Dhabi 2030. It is expected that between 3 and 4 million people will visit the pavilion itself while many more will learn about the UAE through its 'virtual pavilion'.

The Commissioner General, Salem Al Ameri stressed to the participants of the meeting that this is a federal project that will promote the entire country and that he welcomes support and involvement from all interested parties. Thanking the attendees for their constructive and enthusiastic engagement with the project he stated that the next meeting of the working group would be held in October.