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Yang family keen but worry if they'll pass

2009. 17 August

by Steffie Lu
( The family of 79-year-old Yang Min has started preparing to receive guests during the 2010 World Expo. The five-member family has worked out appropriate room allocation and how to keep guests occupied.

Among 63 families signing up for the Linfen community's "home-stay hotel" program, Yang and his family are still waiting for official evaluation.

The extended family, composed of Yang and his wife, his daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter, will set aside a bedroom of 14 square meters and a separate bathroom for a guest. The room is equipped with broadband and a television.

At present, Yang's daughter and son-in-law use the room but they will move to their daughter's room when guests come to stay, Yang said.

"The only problem is that the room faces north," Yang said. "But the only room facing south at home doesn't have a bathroom."

The family moved to the apartment, on Linfen Road, two years ago. The decorating, which is based on two colors - black and white - looks new and tidy.

All the oil paintings on the wall were created by Yang's son-in-law, a gas company employee.

"Both my son-in-law and granddaughter are good painters," he said. "And we want to display and discuss painting with the guest staying here. I think art is our home's biggest characteristic."

The family, however, also have something to worry about. For example, none of them are good at cooking.

"Usually my daughter and her husband are responsible for cooking dinner, but their dishes are just so so," Yang said.

Yang's wife, 77-year-old Shen Yuanying said not speaking English is another big problem they are worried about. "In fact I'm a bit afraid of communicating with foreigners," she said. "And I wonder whether we and the guests will be able to understand eath other well enough."