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Hangzhou Pavilion: a city ark

2009. 19 August

Huge screens in the Hangzhou Pavilion will introduce visitors to the sights and sounds of the city and its surrounding area.

( Water is the main theme of Hangzhou's Expo pavilion, or rather "five waters," as its exhibition highlights the coming together of stream, creek, river, lake and sea. The West Lake is just one of the city's liquid wonders, reports Qian Yanwen.Seen from afar, the Hangzhou Pavilion in the World Expo 2010 Shanghai's Urban Best Practices Area will look like a grand city ark sailing out of the mountains and waters of Hangzhou.

With the theme "Led by the Five Waters," the pavilion displays the city's efforts and wisdom in solving ecological crises.

Including the West Lake, the "five waters" - stream, creek, river, lake and sea - come together in Hangzhou, making the city an "aqua city."

The various art displays in the pavilion, combined with high technology, will provide the audience with a vivid experience of Hangzhou's ecological development.

The pavilion is built from four old factory buildings and decorated with hexagonal bricks to take on the appearance of a crystal palace.

Five major display areas make up the exhibition.

Blue and green are the two major colors in the pavilion, representing the blue waters of Hangzhou and its green mountains.

On entering the "Hangzhou Impression" area, visitors will be greeted by beautiful scenes of West Lake.

A map projected at the entrance will tell the city's 5,000-year history, and a model placed on the left will display Hangzhou's urban view.

Set in the "Five Waters" area will be large screens on which visitors can watch videos featuring the West Lake, life by the Grand Canal and the Qiantang River.

Four pillars will be covered with new recyclable materials in the third area, to display information concerning the area's water management practices.

The city life interaction area will use interactive high-definition LED screens to show the integration of the city and the five waters, and to introduce the changes from the past till now in living conditions by the water.

Meanwhile, visitors will be able to interact with the big names in the history of Hangzhou and even with the mountains and waters of the city through a special design featuring doors and windows.

The pavilion will give away "Longjing bricks" filled with Longjing tea in the fifth area. With the shape of an ancient well in Hangzhou, the bricks will show information of the Expo Shanghai.

Visitors can rest here, enjoying tea and listening to traditional music in the Hangzhou pavilion.

What to see?

The curtains of water on the outside make the pavilion look like a huge ark sailing out, and when lit up, will shine like a crystal palace.

Various media technologies will be adopted on screens, pillars, walls and floors to show videos and information about life, city development and water management in Hangzhou.

What to get?

"Longjing bricks" filled with Longjing tea will be given free with the brick a permanent souvenir after you've enjoyed the tea.

Visitors can also get a free city passport for Hangzhou, which contains information about the city and places of interest. With the passport, visitors can enjoy discounts on food, accommodation, transport, travel, shopping and entertainment and even some free trips.