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Red Cross first aid - second to none

2009. 23 September

by Yang Jian
( More than 600 Red Cross workers will serve at 10 stations at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo site to offer first aid to visitors.

A senior official of the Red Cross Society of China revealed the numbers yesterday as the Expo organizer handed over a 500-square-meter pavilion area to house the society's Expo showcase.

Every station would have two Red Cross staff members working from 9am to midnight for the duration of the Expo, said Xiong Fangjie, deputy Party chief of the society.

Most of them will be doctors and nurses from Red Cross hospitals around the world.

The stations will be equipped with first-aid kits, stretchers and nonprescription medicine.

For more serious cases, they will call electric ambulances from the five major emergency medical stations to be run by the city's top hospitals in the Expo site.

The International Red Cross & Red Crescent Pavilion will be in the Pudong section of the Expo site with the theme "Together for Humanity."