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Messages in bottles: great idea floated

2009. 30 September

by Zha Minjie
( People in Asian countries, such as South Korea and Japan, may soon receive seaborne invitations to 2010 Shanghai World Expo as 215 bottles have been cast into the ocean.

The bottles contain brochures featuring Expo information in Chinese, English and French.

"We hope the bottles bond more people to Shanghai and the Expo," said Cui Jian, a spokesman of the Wusong Port Frontier Authority, which joined the initiative.

A vessel carrying the bottles started its journey about 3am yesterday and reached the East China Sea about 11am, maritime authorities said.

Crew members and frontier officers released the bottles, which will travel in different directions via currents.

The city government plans to cast more bottles into oceans near Europe and Australia in the hopes that people around the world will pick them up and come to Shanghai next year.

Bottles will also be cast into open seas by crew from international liners and vessels.

In July, 10 bottles containing invitations and Expo souvenirs were put into city's Huangpu River. People who find these bottles will receive free Expo tickets.