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Airports in Shanghai set for Expo upgrades

2009. 15 October

( Shanghai's city airport authorities are all systems go ahead of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.

    Officials said yesterday that they would step up check-in procedures and improve information flow on flight delays.

    Both the city's airports - Pudong International and Hongqiao International - are confident of handling the flood of passengers during the event.

    "We will try our best to ensure passengers have a more efficient and pleasant service," said Wang Guangdi, vice president of the Shanghai Airport Authority.

    During the six-month Expo, the city's two airports are expected to receive between 11.55 million and 16.80 million more passengers. Average daily turnover will increase to nearly 250,000 from the present 158,000.

    Wang said the expected Expo turnover was comparable to Chicago's O'Hare International Airport, the second busiest in the world.

    About 90 percent of passengers with nothing to declare during the Expo will pass custom checks within five minutes and 95 percent will wait no more than 25 minutes for exit and entry, according to the officials.

    However, security checks will be beefed up, which may add a little extra time for passengers at both airports.

    China Eastern and Shanghai Airlines said they would provide hotel rooms for passengers if flights were delayed for more than four hoursdue to airline errors.

    Shuttle buses will take people between the two terminals at Pudong airport from 6am to midnight. The city's bus company will provide services after 11pm for passengers at the two airports.

    By next March, the city is expected to have four terminals and five runways for a combined annual capacity of 90 million passenger trips.