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Traffic system aids air travelers

2009. 16 October

by Jane Chen
( Passengers at Hongqiao Airport will be able to check the latest information for connecting flights, trains, buses and the Metro as part of IT upgrades preparing for the Hongqiao transport hub.

The new traffic information system is expected to be installed by the year's end as part of the airport's expansion for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo from May to October, today's Oriental Morning Post reported.

During the six-month Expo, the city's two airports are expected to receive between 11.55 million and 16.80 million more passengers. Average daily turnover will increase to nearly 250,000 from the present 158,000.

Meanwhile, an underground cable has been laid to connect Hongqiao Airport's information system with that of Pudong International Airport, the report said.

Hongqiao passengers will be able to check in for connecting flights at Pudong.