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New animals greet 2010 Shanghai Expo

2009. 18 October

( Are you tired of looking at soul deprived lions and tigers locked up behind the steel bars of metropolitan zoos? Well, now it's time for a change.

An ambitious project is shipping rare animals from all around the world to the Shanghai Wild Animal Zoo for the World Expo, which will be held in the city next year.

At the zoo, these young Scarlet Ibises from Holland have adapted well to the new environment. In their adulthood, these nearly extinct birds will sport dazzling crimson feathers and shoot through the sky like burning meteorites.

Also on hand are a few tamanoirs, Guyana's largest living ant-eaters. They've built their nests at the zoo to neighbor the homes of sun bears, squirrel monkeys, and wild leopards.

Other rare species, such as chattering lorries, Magellanic Penguins, and water hogs will arrive in Shanghai before the end of December.