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Logonet to run the Finnish pavilion shop at the Expo

2009. 19 October

( >The organization preparing Finland’s participation in Shanghai World Expo 2010 has agreed on cooperation with Logonet . Under this agreement, Logonet will run the shop services at the Finnish pavilion, named “Kirnu,” during the expo.

Logonet thus joins Finland’s project of participating in the Shanghai World Expo, which opens on May 1, 2010. The Finland at Expo 2010 organization and Logonet signed a contract for cooperation on October 9, 2009, in Helsinki.

Logonet will be in charge of the shop services at the Finnish pavilion throughout the expo. The shop is an integral part of the total experience the Kirnu pavilion offers its visitors. The shop will sell high-quality Finnish products that leave strong memories in the minds of thousands who visit he pavilion each day.

“Managing the shop services of Kirnu is an outstanding opportunity for us. With the shop, we aim to convey a modern, innovative, and positive image of Finland. Our shop concept combines Finnish design and insightful mementos from Kirnu with a playful touch. Thanks to the massive number of visitors, the prospects for profitable business operations are excellent. In addition, we wish to offer promotional products to Finnish export companies at the company functions in Kirnu, and to the Chinese market in general,” says Mr. Lauri Hulkko, the president of Logonet.

The shop is on the first floor of Kirnu, along with the pavilion’s café. The Finnish pavilion for the 2010 world expo is a three-story building of approximately 3,000 square meters, designed by JKMM, an architect’s office in Helsinki. Kirnu won first prize among 104 entries in the design competition, which was held in 2008.

The Shanghai World Expo, to be held on May 1 ­– October 31, 2010, is predicted to be the largest in history. Already, 192 countries and 50 international organizations have signed up for the expo. The hosts are expecting 70 million visitors to the event.

Sources of further information:

Annikka Alanko, service manager for Finland at Expo 2010, for Finpro, at tel. +358 40 3433 369

Lauri Hulkko, president of Logonet Ltd., at tel. +358 500 646 456 or +358 9 682 4150

The Shanghai World Expo 2010 project of Finland is financed mainly by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. Finpro is in charge of project planning and implementation. Finland will build its own pavilion, Kirnu, for the expo. The project will be carried out in wide-ranging cooperation with several participants from Finnish society. Among the domestic partners in the project are the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Kone, and Nokia. For more information, visit:

The fields of business of Logonet Ltd. consist of custom design and manufacturing of utility goods and textiles, and whole ranges of promotional products. The Logonet Group has design and sales offices in Helsinki and Los Angeles, and production offices in Shanghai, Fuzhou, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, and Bangkok. Logonet currently has more than 200 employees. The group’s turnover in 2008 was approximately 24 million euros.