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Cleaners set to keep site pristine around clock

2009. 21 October

by Yang Jian and Zha Minjie
( Litter will be removed within 10 minutes at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo site next year by a veritable army of cleaners.

A senior official in charge of the cleaning of the Expo site made the prediction at a forum yesterday
and also said the door handles of public toilets would be cleaned and disinfected every hour.

About 4,000 cleaners would patrol the 5.28-square-kilometer site from 9am until midnight daily in electric buses equipped with global positioning systems for the duration of the Expo, Ni Yonghong, assistant manger of the Shanghai Environment Industry Co told the environmental public forum.

The cleaners will tend to designated areas of the site about every 25 minutes. Each time when they finish specific areas, the command center will record positions by GPS to ensure efficiency.

A huge overall clean-up will be held each day before opening.

Cleaners will cover the public areas with vacuum vehicles and then wash the ground with high-pressure water.

Indoor areas would be cleaned manually, Ni said.

The cleaners will work at the site 24/7 for 224 days for the event that will last 184 days.

More than 400,000 visitors are expected to the Expo every day, with about 800,000 on peak days such as May 1, the Expo opening and October 1, China's National Day.

They will collect about 130 tons of rubbish from the site a day, about 2 percent Shanghai's normal quota, with about 250 tons during peak days.

The company also released a training program for cleaners.

Each hour, the door handles of the more than 100 site toilets will be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and dried.

There will be 52 stationary and 50 mobile toilets.

Meanwhile, the first of 60,000 acrylic rods was installed on the cubic United Kingdom Pavilion yesterday. The rods, extending outward, will at day draw on the sun to light up pavilion and at night illuminate the structure.