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Solar power hailed as future bright spark

2009. 24 October

by Cai Wenjun
( Construction and installation of equipment for solar-energy generation for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo had been completed, officials told the Great Wall Renewable Energy Forum that opened in the city yesterday.

The adoption of solar power at the Expo provided a platform for the use and promotion of green and clean energy in Shanghai and the nation, officials said.

The China Pavilion, the Theme Pavilion and the Expo Center, three of the four permanent buildings at the Expo site, have adopted solar-energy applications with a gross power output totalling 4.5 to 4.6 megawatts.

"For the three buildings, we mainly used solar power-generating panel roofs and made the equipment part of the buildings," said Hao Guoqiang, deputy general engineer of the Shanghai Solar Energy Research Center, designer of all Expo solar-power projects.

Another pavilion built through the renovation of the former Nanshi power plant has adopted a new technology, which builds solar cells into the glass walls outside the building with solar power totalling 5.5 megawatts.

"It is cutting-edge technology," Hao said. "The solar cells are part of the building without tarnishing its appearance and not requiring extra effort in design and construction."

He said smaller projects, like newspaper kiosks, road lights and advertising boards, would adopt solar energy at the Expo site -- a sign of things to come for the city generally.