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Expo a major battlefield for advanced technology

2009. 25 October

by Cai Wenjun
( The World Expo 2010 Shanghai will become the major platform and battlefield for advanced and innovative technologies, many of which will soon be introduced to people's daily life, Shanghai Vice Mayor Yang Xiong told Pujiang Innovation Forum yesterday.

New technologies in energy, ecology and information will be displayed at Expo to give people a brand-new experience,
including fourth-generation wireless communication technology, he said.

The Expo is the first such event focusing on the concept of "city" and studying how to provide a better life in cities which have accommodated over half the global population since 2006, Yang said.

It has devoted much effort to create a better city for people through organizing a low-carbon Expo, a green Expo and an innovative Expo, he added.

"We want to find solutions to a better city life through this Expo."

Environmentally friendly technologies and concepts had been highlighted during the planning, construction and management of the entire Expo. New and clean energy like solar energy, green vehicles and ecologically cooling and heating systems will be used in the Expo zone as examples of their practical use in the future, he added.

Instead of waiting for the start of Expo next May, local people can see and even experience these innovations before their formal release at the event.

Most will be displayed at the Shanghai International Industry Fair opening early next month where a 10,000-square-meter exhibition space has been set aside for Expo technologies and products.

"The Expo is a stage for advanced technology and advanced products, many of which are patented by China," said Shou Ziqi, director of the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission.

The fair exhibition hall will consist of pavilions showing technology used in Expo construction, new energy like solar energy and green products like hybrid vehicles, electric cars and light emitting diodes.

The information section will include advanced Internet networks and intelligent transport systems.