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Updated information concerning Expo Shanghai Online

2009. 26 October

(Crystal Digital Technology) Expo Shanghai Online, the general platform which is developed entirely by Crystal CG, is a Product divided in two types of Virtual Pavilions:
Type A or Browsing Pavilion which will be built by us in order of the Shanghai Expo bureau for those countries that do not have the budget to build it them selves.
This type of Pavilion is a more simple version of a virtual pavilion in which the Internet visitor will have a less 3D experience and all pavilion information will be shared in text, images, videos and much more 2D applications.

Type B or Experiencing Pavilion which can be build by the international Participant and any provider they wish to use. This type of pavilion should be a complete 3D experience and should be an exact copy of the real thing or as we call it the physical pavilion.

Crystal CG is one of the main recommended providers by the Shanghai Expo Bureau for this type of pavilion. At the moment we are making the Saudi Arabian Pavilion, The Macau Pavilion and all the Provincial an national Chinese pavilions. By the end of November we will have 6 more pavilions from different countries from Europe and the American region.

To get more information on Expo online, we propose you visit the official site where you will find much more information concerning the differences of pavilions and which countries have signed for type A or type B.

Under this link you will find information and images from the last Paris Expo Online Meeting and can see the latest user interface for Expo Shanghai Online general platform.

Dassault Systèmes’ 3D VIA Virtools has recently been authorized as only recommended Web3D plug-in for Expo Shanghai Online Experiencing Pavilion.

Participants can use the lightweight Virtools product tailored by Dassault to develop their online Experiencing Pavilions.

Regarded as a leading Web3D software solution, the 3D VIA Virtools is used across the globe, especially in Europe and America, and offers 3D image production aiming to fully visualize interactive experiences.

Expo Shanghai Online will present an online version of Expo 2010 Shanghai China, serving as an introductory channel, supplement and extension to the physical World Expo. In addition to the basic online browsing and exhibition functions, the Experiencing Pavilion will provide online visitors with more vivid experience via interactions with the exhibits. By building a virtual space that doesn’t exist in the real pavilion, and with diversified virtual technologies and tools, participants will also be able to extend and expand their Expo themes and concepts.

Expo Shanghai Online ( is scheduled to be partly launched within this year, and activated on January 1, 2010 on a trial basis. It will be fully accessible online on May 1, 2010 when the Expo officially opens.

Source:Crystal Digital Technology Co. Ltd.