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Taipei sets up huge flora expo ad in Shanghai

2009. 1 November

This photo is shoing a huge, 6,000m2 LED panel on the banks of Shanghai's Huangpu River flashes the Chinese characters "Taipei welcomes you."
( A huge LED panel on the banks of Shanghai's Huangpu River flashes the Chinese characters "Taipei welcomes you." The greeting is followed by information about the Taipei International Flora Exposition, which is slated to open in Taipei next year.

The 6,000m2 LED panel on the exterior wall of a building is one of the most eye-catching advertising boards in Shanghai, especially at night when its colorful light is reflected on the surface of the Huangpu River, and Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin hopes it will pay dividends for his city.

The huge advertisement, which made its debut in Shanghai Friday night, symbolizes the mayor's ambitious campaign to draw 6 million visitors to the 2010 fair, the first major international exposition to be held in Taiwan.

Tuo Chung-hwa, chief of the city's Department of Information and Tourism, was in Shanghai to promote the expo and witnessed the advertisement's debut.

He told a group of journalists aboard a boat on the river that Taipei hopes to tap into this potential market of Chinese and foreign visitors to the flora show by sending a greeting to residents of Shanghai first.

The electronic ad will run 65 times a day and 15 seconds each time for 15 days, Tuo said. "We chose the most dazzling spot in China's most populous city to run the ad and extend our invitation to Chinese people as well as foreigners visiting the city," Tuo said.

The LED panel display is only one element in Taipei's campaign to sell the expo in China. Taipei has also placed advertisements on the sides of Shanghai buses running on 14 routes in the city's bustling areas, according to Tuo.

Tuo said his office has also approached Taiwanese and Chinese airlines that fly between Shanghai and Taipei to offer discounted tickets and tours to expo visitors.