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Taipei Pavilion to provide virtual lift

2009. 31 October

( Taipei will invite visitors to the 2010 Shanghai World Expo to enjoy the virtual experience of taking the high-speed elevator of the Taipei 101 Tower in its pavilion in the Urban Best Practices Area.

Visitors will have a bird's-eye view of both present and future sights of the city and feel the sensation of a high-speed ride to the top of the one of the world's tallest buildings via virtual reality technology.

The Shanghai World Expo organizer yesterday handed over a 750-square-meter pavilion in the Puxi section of the Expo site to Taipei for its wireless-city and garbage-recycling system exhibitions.

The impressions of Taipei from the mainland are still the night market and Taipei Palace Museum, so the city will use the Expo as an opportunity to show tourists that the city had much more to offer, said Taipei Vice Mayor Lee Yong-Ping.

The pavilion is divided into several areas, including a huge three-dimensional theater where visitors can have a virtual tour of "tomorrow's Taipei" via short movies and light-and-sound shows.

For its wireless-city exhibition, Taipei will show how it built up a wireless network that lets people attend to day-to-day tasks via the Internet.

The slogan is "Use the Net, not the Street," so the city can save public space.

The garbage system aims at a complete recycling of resources to realize "zero burial of garbage."

The two cases were typical examples of the high quality of life people living in Taipei enjoyed, Lee said.

The construction of the pavilion is scheduled to be completed in March.

Taiwan has a separate pavilion for the Expo.