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Countries spare no expense to stage a unique Expo

2009. 13 November

Canada's Expo 2010 Commissioner General Mark Rowswell (R), commonly known as "Da Shan" in China, talks with Xinhuanet correspondent at the 7th Shanghai Expo International Forum held in Beijing, Nov. 12, 2009. (Xinhuanet/Chen lu)

by Wang Guanqun

( Guests participating in the seventh Shanghai World Expo International Forum said their countries are actively preparing for the upcoming Expo 2010, and revealed some of their ideas to Xinhuanet.

    Canada's Expo 2010 Commissioner General Mark Rowswell, commonly known as "Da Shan" in China, said based on the experience of the previous Expos, Canada puts a lot of efforts on the Expo 2010.

    "Not to boast myself, but the cooperation between Cirque du Soleil and me would be a feature in the Canada pavilion," the Chinese crosstalk star talked in fluent Chinese, "we will use our extraordinary imagination to embody our theme, a theme of the 'vigorous city'."

    "After its open-up, I believe the Canada pavilion will be one of the most popular pavilions in the park," he added.

    But Rowswell declined to talk further on the details inside the pavilion, joking "if we reveal this too early, there will be many countries imitating us."