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Online Expo: a different experience

2009. 13 November

( It will surely be an exhilarating experience for those people able to attend the Shanghai Expo personally. But if you can't make it, the online Expo is set to offer you some of the same thrills.

The online Expo experience is an innovation of the 2010 Shanghai Expo.

On the site's homepage, you can view the most brilliant parts of the pavilions in the Expo garden. The first batch of 40 halls are already online.

The online Expo uses advanced 3D techniques. It offers a tour of the Expo garden, an introduction to each pavilion, and even a glimpse of what they look like at night.

Computer programming allows netizens to have a 360 view.

Take the China Pavilion as an example.

Clicking on the landmark, you can change the viewing angle. From straight-on, from each side, and even from a bird's eye view.

Other online foreign exhibition halls are also open for visits. You can see the Eiffel Tower, world famous paintings, and a night-shrouded Paris by clicking on the French Pavilion.

Organizers say a total of 355 exhibition halls will be included on the site, allowing global viewers to experience the beauty of the Expo, without even leaving their homes.