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Health experts urge law to ban indoor smoking in the city

2009. 13 November

by Cai Wenjun
( Officals from World Health Organization's China representative office and the state health authorities are urging Shanghai to issue a strict law banning indoor smoking throughout the city and to launch a tobacco-free Expo.

Shanghai, which is currently drafting anti-smoking legislation, should turn the 2010 World Expo into a model for tobacco-free big events, experts told the Shanghai International Seminar in Tobacco Control yesterday.

The city should also use the event to promote an anti-smoking mind-set, and make sure that its impending anti-smoking law bans tobacco in all indoor public venues, working places and public transportation, the experts said.

Xu Jianguang, director of the Shanghai Health Bureau, said Shanghai's first smoking-control law, expected to take effect before the Expo starts from May, will expand on previous efforts that have been largely ineffective.