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BIE Initiative Announcement: Columns on EXPO Shanghai Theme

2009. 14 April

( As part of the ongoing BIE efforts for Expo theme development and promotion, the BIE is happy to announce that it will be making available online series of columns on the themes of each upcoming Expo, starting with EXPO Shanghai 2010 – "Better City, Better Life" at the following (link on the right side of the BIE homepage, second from the top)

For each Expo, the columns will explore the general Expo theme and the composite sub-themes. The goal is to provide readers with a perspective on why these themes are of a real concern to all of us and to foster a dialogue around them.

We hope that they will help readers better understand the aims and messages of each upcoming Expo.

The ensemble of these columns has been titled, "The Theme Makes the Expo", as a way to highlight the importance of the theme selection for the success of today’s Expos.

How much the theme can resonate with the Expo participants and the public can make or break the Expo. A successful Expo must have as its foundation a theme whose treatment is a priority for the whole of the international community.

This is why the BIE, as the intergovernmental organization in charge of supervising and ensuring the quality of Expo, places great emphasis on the theme selection and on the theme development. After the completion of the EXPO Shanghai series, the themes of EXPO Yeosu 2012 - "The Living Ocean and the Coast: Diversity of Resources and Sustainable Activities" and of EXPO Milano 2015 – "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life" will be explored.

We hope you will accompany us as we explore the themes of these upcoming Expos—each promising to be one of the most memorable and important events dedicated to its theme.