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Line 8 gets more carriages

2009. 25 November

( Local subway riders may get a little more elbow room with extra carriages being added to the existing six-carriage trains on Line 8.

The lengthened trains, which began appearing in late October, can carry about 2,100 passengers, 300 more than previously.

Metro operator Shanghai Shentong Group has found itself under strain -- its trains usually overcrowded during rush hours -- since beginning operation in 2007.

"Sometimes the trains were even overloaded by up to 80 percent," said Metro officials.

Shentong plans to add more trains to Line 8 when 18 new seven-carriage trains arrive by the end of this year.

The operator hopes the trains handle the load when the 2010 World Expo starts next May.

Meanwhile, the new Line 9, from Pudong New Area to Songjiang District, will carry two routes on the same rails after its second phase is ready for passengers in December.

One route will stretch along the line's full length, from Central Avenue Station to Songjiang New Town Station. The other will be confined to the most-heavily traveled section: Century Avenue Station to Minhang District's Zhongchun Road Station.