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The Cyberathlete Professional League Will Play a Big Role

2009. 1 December

Along with DreamHack, it will host a tournament that will last for more than six months

( The next e-sports event involving the Cyberathlete Professional League and Sweden's DreamHack is just next week, but their gathering planned for next year is the more anticipated one. The two organizations will get together at the Shanghai World Expo 2010, and, this time around, it looks like they have more than just playing on their mind, as they aim for a cultural movement on its own.

Starting in spring, the CPL and DreamHack will be the hosts of a large-scale gaming tournament in the Swedish pavilion of the Shanghai World Expo. Their events will last for six months, spread across the entire length of the expo that starts on May 1 and ends on October 31, 2010. The final conclusion for this tournament will be held back in Sweden, at the Ice Hotel, in winter.

The DreamHack is becoming more and more of a cultural movement, and CPL CEO Scott Valencia calls is a "digital Woodstock [that] represents modern digital youth culture. Digital-sports and gaming has started, in a very profound way, to change the views of governments and society in general." Valencia also adds that, "This project has the official governmental support of Sweden and China. We are already in talks with other governments and associations around the world. This project has taken us to all corners of the globe and it's growing on a daily basis."

The cyberathletes that will take part in the competition will be fighting for the Digital Youth Award that was introduced for the first time on October 5 this year. Concerning this award, Valencia states that, "The organization represents one of the first public-private partnerships aiming at encouraging youth cultural exchange through digital media and interactive education, entertainment & competition activities. The essence of the Digital Youth Award program promotes the values of creativity, culture, friendship, education, and unity."

The award is founded by many governments and communications companies that include Sweden's DreamHack, from Singapore The CPL Digital Entertainment, Inc., 3K Entertainment Pte Ltd. and International Digital Media, OCT Group and Eastern Digital Culture from China, and High and Mighty from the USA.