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Try And Sit Through This Dubai Commercial

2009. 2 December

by Omri
( The United Arab Emirates is gearing up for the giant 2010 Shanghai tourism expo with a sustained online push of travel advertising. Their slick expo website, which is counting down the 150 days until the opening second by second, is already loaded with information and contests. They still have some knots to untangle—we're not sure they meant to title their Green initiatives category "Better Cities" and the frontpage should read "enter the drawing" not "enter the draw"—but the whole site shows substantial thought and effort.

The tourism board has also published a gorgeous ad designed to show off Dubai and the surrounding areas. First things first: the commercial is undeniably beautiful. The "traditional vs. cutting-edge" trope isn't exactly original, but that doesn't take much away from the overall spot. Whoever's in charge had a lot of money to play with.

We still have to question the decision, though, to let it run for a full 7 minutes, 39 seconds. We understand that the region is thriving and changing and etc etc. But this is the Internet and we simply don't have that kind of attention span. Seriously.

Nonetheless, gorgeous:

OK now tell the truth: you watched a couple clips, said to yourself "yup - beautiful," and then bailed out before the 3 minute mark. How close are we?

[Photo: Tribalninja / Wiki Commons]