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Thailand Pavilion rehearsals set for Bangkok previews

2009. 2 December

( The contents planned for the pavilion’s three exhibition halls will be shown at these sessions allowing Thai audiences to experience a 70% likeness to the shows that are destined for the expo. Rehearsal viewers will be enthralled by dazzling displays of special effects and impressive highlights of these world-class presentations.

MSDHS minister Issara Somchai explained that participation in the upcoming World Expo 2010, which will be staged in Shanghai from May 1 to October 31, 2010, is a key event in terms of its publicity value for Thailand. Through the displays in the Thailand Pavilion, the finer points of Thai culture, Thai design as well as the Thai way of life will be shown to world audiences thus reinforcing Thailand as a favourable “brand” in the minds of viewers. The range of Thai cultural exhibits, which has been fashioned along the theme “Thainess: Sustainable Ways of Life,” will be housed in the Thailand Pavilion, a beautiful cluster of Thai-styled buildings on an area of 3,117 square meters.

Construction of the planned Thailand Pavilion has been commissioned to ID2, a joint-venture that won the ministry’s pavilion contract. Construction work was commenced last May and the initial stages were accomplished well ahead of schedule. Some 65% of the contract has been completed to date. Work on the buildings and halls is expected for completion next February and interior decoration and installation of exhibits and display equipment will immediately follow. The entire project is to be ready for testing and official inspection by April, 2010.

The Thailand Pavilion organizing team of the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security (MSDHS) has announced its readiness to stage a series of full rehearsals to offer Thai audiences a preview of the performances that will be shown at the upcoming World Expo 2010 Shanghai China. These pre-expo performances are scheduled for two periods: from November 20 – 23 at the Impact Exhibition Center of Muangthong Thani and December 9–17 at the Forum plaza, Central World Shopping Complex.

Arrangements for pavilion staffing are also well underway. More than 2,000 applications have been received by the Ministry in response to its solicitations for Thai youths to take up positions as “State Volunteers”.

Applicants are selected for their fluency in languages, English and Chinese, their people skills and the ability to resolve difficult situations. The chosen candidates will be well primed for the World Expo work by the ministry’s training programs — to be conducted by specialists in related areas — which include orientation seminars, special coaching and workshops designed to enhance the volunteers’ poise, language and people skills. Volunteers will learn new techniques in using multimedia and audio-visual equipment as well as the fine points of Thai cultural performances. The ministry’s expo team is currently moving ahead with the selection process. From the 2000-plus applications received, preliminary screening by the MSDHS team had reduced the number of prospects to about 600. It will be pared down to 100 after the first round of interviews; and to 45 after the second round. Only 35 finalists will be signed up for positions at this world-class venue.

The MSDHS minister added that relatively little publicity was conveyed to the Thai public about Thailand’s participation in previous world expos. For the upcoming world expo, his ministry therefore adopts a proactive approach with the preparation of a publicity campaign that will tell the Thai public more about the significance of world expos as well as filling them in with details of our current participation. Designs of the Thailand Pavilion, past and present, will also be shown. For the upcoming rehearsals, the range of special effects, planned for the Thailand Pavilion in Shanghai, will be on display, such as: the 360-degree hydro-screen; the Indrajit-bot, talking graphics; and 4D presentations featuring stories about Thailand.

The pre-expo rehearsals will open to interested public on November 21 – 23 at Hall 4, Impact Exhibition Center of Muangthong Thani in five daily sessions at these hours: 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, and 15:00

A second period for the rehearsals is scheduled for December 9 – 17 at the Forum plaza, Ground Floor, Central World Shopping Complex.

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