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2009. 13 May

( The visitors of the Romanian pavilion at the World Exposition to be organized in Shanghai in 2010, which brings together over 200 countries, will be able to get familiar with the urban civilization, with the traditions and the natural potential, with elements that make Romania a unique country in Europe, said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE).

The commission on organizing Romania’s participation in EXPO 2010 convened on Monday, May 11, at the MAE headquarters and, in a first stage, decided on the main exhibiting concepts assigned to various spaces.

Thus, the main exhibiting space will be devoted to presenting the urban civilization, Romanian culture; the space devoted to the cultural events (the stage) will host live folklore, ballet and contemporary dance performances, non-verbal theatre, chamber and instrumental music, singing classic and modern music; in the conference room there will be specialist seminars or seminars for the public at large, promoting the economic and trade exchanges, tourism, scientific cooperation; the restaurant serving Romanian food.

During the 184 days (this is how long the above-mentioned event will take), the organizers plan to draw 10 percent of the total number of visitors, which are estimated at 7 million.

In the exposition they will present, as main concepts, the means of developing the urban civilization, from the Neolithic age as the first moment in the historical development during which permanent abodes appear, passing through the mediaeval time, which is characterized by fortified abodes, many of them being in the UNESCO patrimony, up to the modern cities, which developed differently depending on the historical and environment conditions and which must offer sustainable development solutions.

They will also present ecosystems specific to Romania, means of adapting and optimally using resources and forms of developing the human communities that respect the environment, the Danube Delta, the mountainous region.

Visitors will be able to learn things about present-day Romania by watching a general multimedia presentation by fields: traditions, art, architecture, tourism, economy, foreign investments, research and innovation.

The financial resources allocated to Romania\'s preparing and participating in EXPO 2010 Shanghai amount to 20 million lei (about 4.65 million euros) and were approved through the law on the state budget for 2009.

After 1989 Romania participated in all the world and international expositions organized under the aegis of the Bureau of International Expositions: Seville, Spain, 1992, Taejon, South Korea, 1993, Lisbon, Portugal, 1998, Hanover, Germany, 2000, Aichi, Japan, 2005, Zaragoza, Spain, 2008.