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Tickets sales start in US

2009. 3 December

( Ticket for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo went on sale in the United States yesterday, with some travel packages offering trips to other Chinese destinations as well as attendance at the fair itself.

In the US, people can buy the tickets at more than 1,600 outlets of the Peregrine Travel Group, one of 14 designated ticket agencies, the Expo organizer said as a promotion campaign was launched in San Francisco.

They can also buy tickets at, and pay online by credit card.

Hamburg tree

Make a wish under the tree and climb up its trunk to its crown. The Hamburg Pavilion in the Urban Best Practice Area of the World Expo will offer whimsey as well as an example of green architecture.

"The pavilion may save up to 90 percent energy with its unique structure," said Carsten Luedemann, state secretary of Hamburg.

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