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ZTE Targets on OPhone Smart Mobile Phone

2009. 3 December

( ZTE Deputy Executive President He Shiyou recently told reporters in Shanghai that the company was going to build OPhone mobile platform, which would launch full ranges (high, medium and low-end) of 3G OPhone in early next year. He also said that smart phones would be the absolute development trend of the 3G era, so ZTE made 70% of the total R & D investment in the smart phones currently.

He Shiyou Said that ZTE’s 3G market share reached No. 1 in China. At present, its network equipment accounts for 36% of the market share in China’s three major carriers, and the 3G terminal makes up 27% of the operators’ purchases; in foreign markets such as Europe, Australia, North America, Latin America and other markets, ZTE’s market share has significantly improved. “ZTE is already the world’s sixth largest mobile phone maker in the second quarter and third quarter, the shipments of ZTE mobile phones has exceeded those of Sony Ericsson, and we hope that we will become the world’s fifth mobile phone manufacturers this year and hope that we will become one of the global top three within 3 to 5 years.”

In the high-end handsets, ZTE is working with China Mobile on the in-depth product development of OPhone projects. “At present, we and China Mobile are testing OPhone. We will launch OPhone in the first and second quarter next year. All these mobile phones will use 3G technology. We are currently building OPhone mobile platform. Based on this platform, we will produce high, medium and low-end OPhone products.” He Shiyou believe that as the large-scale use of OPhone, the cost will further reduce, and the price of OPhone handset will keep declining. He said, “ZTE will let smart mobile phone be affordable to ordinary people.”

At present, ZTE is launching the World Expo 3G volunteers’ recruitment in Shanghai, expecting to recruit 100 college students to participate in Expo coverage with the use of various 3G terminal products during the 2010 Expo, so as to universalize the use of 3G among college students.

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