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World Expo to House Pavilion for the Disabled

2009. 8 December

The emblem, a seven-colored leaf, and the mascot, a sunshine bird for Life Sunshine Pavilion. [Photo:]

by Qin Mei

( The upcoming World Expo 2010 in Shanghai has unveiled an emblem and a mascot for its Life Sunshine Pavilion, a first-ever pavilion to be set up for the disabled in the World Expo's 158-year history.

The emblem is a seven-colored leaf, and the mascot, a sunshine bird. Representing the pavilion, both the emblem and mascot will work to raise public awareness to "shine the light of care on each and every disabled."
The Life Sunshine Pavilion is a 1,200 square meter venue that includes four parts, a Prelude section, Life section, Sunshine section and a Love section. The pavilion will help visitors experience what the real world of the disabled is like.
The sound world, "Tian Lai Guang Yun", for instance, features the magic of sounds in a completely dark space. It leads visitors to "feel" the world through touching sculptures, models and drawings.

The Life section fully embodies the physically-challenged world by showing an eight-minute feature programme entitled "Miracles in Life", which introduces distinguished disabled people and their contributions around the world.

While the Sunshine section will exhibit apartments to showcase the life of the disabled and the advanced facilities benefiting their life.

A talent show will also be staged by a disabled group during the expo. They will produce traditional drawings and paintings using their mouths, and mend watches using only their feet.

According to sources, some sixty disabled people are also expected to work as guides in the pavilion during the expo.