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Driving into the future

2009. 8 December

by Yang Jian
( Visitors will feel as though they are sitting in a high-tech vehicle and running on roads built 20 years into the future in theaters in the Auto Pavilion at World Expo 2010 Shanghai.

The seats will sway according to what's being shown on arc-shaped screens that will offer a wide field of vision, making visitors feel like they are driving in the city of Shanghai in 2030.

The Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation and General Motors, the organizer of the pavilion, recently announced the highlight movie and theaters in the pavilion at the 2010 event.

A 10-minute movie will be the highlight of the pavilion, which will show the infinite possibilities the vehicles will bring to their lives in "2030" - the theme of the pavilion.

Four similar theaters will serve a total of 488 visitors at the same time.

The 144-degree screen will be 6.5 meters high and 38 meters long.

The seats will sway by up to 29 degrees. The sensors for the seats on vehicles will be installed on the seats in the theaters to make them precisely react to the movie's plot.

The pavilion invited famous Taiwan talk show host Chao Chi-Tai to be producer of the film.

"The film will offer an emotional mixture of warmth, romance, joy and surprise," Chao says, declining to tell the plot detail of the film.

The pavilion also has launched a campaign to select an ambassador for the pavilion from Chinese cities. The final winner will get a prize of 1 million yuan (US$146,424).