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Expo Reporting Alliance is Launched

2009. 14 December

by rebecca
( "More Reporting, Better Expo 2010 - Expo Reporting Alliance Launching Ceremony & Expo 2010 Propagation Summit" was held on Dec. 11st morning. Standing committee member of Shanghai Municipal Committee and head of the Publicity Department Yang Zhenwu, deputy director of Standing Committee of Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress Hu Wei, vice chairman of shanghai people’s political consultative Qian Jinglin, deputy head of the Publicity Department of The Shanghai Municipal Committee and director of Municipal Information Office Song Chao launched Expo Reporting Alliance together.

Song Chao indicated in his speech that as an important propagandistic element in Expo 2010, media reporting should construct an active public opinion environment, a happy cultural environment, a harmonious social environment, a vibrant innovative milieu and a ordered open environment for a successful Expo.

Expo Reporting Alliance consists of more than 50 media, including Shanghai Evening Post, Yangtse Delta News Edit Center of Xinhua News Agency, China Youth Daily, Nanfang City News and so on. It aims at striving to create a classic reporting platform for Expo 2010 by making full use of the media, so that people all over the world can get messages of Expo 2010 instantly.

At the ensuing Expo 2010 Propagation Summit, those media reached consensus and made the alliance declaration.