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University showcases green living in China

2009. 26 December

by Jon Robinson
( THE University of Nottingham will represent the UK at an international exhibition in China showcasing "green" housing design.

A 5.3sq km area of Shanghai city centre will be transformed into a demonstration of sustainable living at Expo 2010, with representatives from around the world taking part over six months.

The university – the only one taking part – has teamed up with ZEDfactory Ltd to build a 2,400sq metre pavilion demonstrating zero-carbon development.

It features the world's most advanced solar-powered cooling, which uses a saltwater solution in a special membrane to absorb moisture from the air, making it more efficient.

There are photo-voltaic panels on the roofs to capture sunlight and sedum is also used on the roof to insulate, keeping the building warm in the winter and cool in summer.

It also has a series of wind cowls, which use heat exchangers to keep the air at the right temperature while providing ventilation.

Other features include rainwater harvesting, low energy glazing and lighting, reclaimed materials and earthquake resistant foundations.

Prof Saffa Riffat, head of the Institute of Building Technology and the Institute of Sustainable Energy Technology, said the university was happy to be involved.

"It is a great way to show the work done by the university," he said.

"We are going to show all the energy research we have done – but it is also a major event that will help to promote the city."

The Expo starts on May 1 and runs until October 31.

There are up to 35 venues for events during the Expo, which is expected to attract a total of 70 million visitors – or 400,000 a day.

As part of the Expo, the university will also hold a sustainable energy and construction seminar, where up to 40 Midlands businesses will have the chance to network with Chinese companies about working together.

The university is already renowned as a leader for sustainable development.

It is building a range of low energy and zero-carbon homes in the Creative Energy Homes project at the Department of the Built Environment at University Park.

The project won the civil engineering award in this year's prestigious Engineer Technology and Innovation Awards on December 4.