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Taste varied delights of Peruvian food

2009. 28 December

by Yang Jian
( Peru will build a restaurant in its pavilion at the World Expo 2010 to showcase Peruvian cuisine, one of the most diverse in the world that involve the flavors of French, Chinese and Indian cuisines.

A senior Peruvian official said today as the Expo Shanghai organizer handed over a 1,000-square-meter rented pavilion to the South American country.

The pavilion will have a 200-square-meter restaurant for about 120 people to have meals together, said Harold Forsyth, ambassador of Peru in China.

The price has yet to be decided but the pavilion will provide free food to visitors on July 28, the country's national day, Forsyth said.

Peruvian cuisine combines the flavors of four continents thanks to its Inca heritage and to Spanish, Basque, African, Chinese, Japanese and finally Italian, French and British immigration mainly in the 19th century.

Its traditional food includes ceviche -- raw fish marinated in lemon juice, onions, and aji limo. It originated from Spanish food.

The country will also showcase its history, especially Inca civilization, in the pavilion.

Videos and pictures will display the scenery of Machu Picchu, an ancient Inca fortress city with extensive ruins, including elaborate terraces.

Peru will spare no efforts to show the country's culture, history and society at Expo 2010, Forsyth cited the Peru President Alan García Pérez as saying at the handover ceremony.