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Two more Metro routes to start work in Shanghai

2009. 28 December

( Two new subways will open to passengers on Thursday, the Shanghai Metro operator said yesterday.

Shanghai Shentong Group announced the debut of Line 11 and the second phase of Line 9, at the end of a troubled week for Line 1, the city's oldest, which suffered
a series of delays including the longest in its history after two trains collided last Tuesday.

    "It's always good to learn of the opening of new lines despite all the troubles with subways," said a passenger, Chen Xi.

    Both new lines will operate on a pilot basis, Shentong said, and will begin with a short daily schedule, 9am to 4pm. Within three months, the hours will be extended to 5:30am to 11pm.

    The Metro authority said if the lines were to run more hours at the start, it would deny time for testing, "increasing the risk of breakdowns" - the last thing the operator wants to see.

    The 6am to 9:50pm operation on the first phase of Line 9, Songjiang to Xuhui District, will not be affected.

    The time between trains on Line 9 will be six minutes with a nine and a half minute interval on Line 11.

    The second phase of Line 9, connecting with its first phase at Yishan Road Station, runs through city's busy business area, Xujiahui, and ends at Pudong's Century Avenue Station which it will link with three other lines - 2, 4 and 6.

    Line 11 will be a 50-minute journey from suburban Jiading District to downtown Changning District's Jiangsu Road Station.

    Line 11 will have 12 six-carriage trains which can travel at up to 100 kilometers per hour, the fastest subway in China. Line 9 will have 26 trains with the opening of its second phase.

    The Metro authority said passengers will be able to transfer between Line 1 and Line 9 at Xujiahui Station and by next March they will be able to walk underground between the lines after a garage is converted into a station.

    The station will have three lines when the second phase of Line 11 goes through by 2012.

    Visitors to the 2010 World Expo can go to the Expo site at Line 9's Madang Road Station where ticket and security check points will be set.

    From there they can take Line 13 to enter the site both in Puxi and Pudong.

    Line 11, 33 kilometers long, will have 16 stations opening on Thursday, with four others on a branch line to open before the Expo, said the operator.

    The Metro network will have 330 kilometers of track by the end of this month and 221 stations on its current 10 lines.