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  • 1. UAE attracts over 2m visitors at Shanghai Expo

    2010. 2 November

    Official pleased with success as structure is returned to be reassembled in the capital
    * The UAE pavilion at the Shanghai Expo. Shaped like sand dunes, the structure dominated the skyline of the national pavilions on the banks of Shanghai’s Huangpu River. The pavilion was very popular, with visitors lining up to see three multimedia shows about life and culture in the UAE. Image Credit: Arno Maierbrugger/Gulf News

    by Arno Maierbrugger
    ( Dubai: The iconic pavilion of the UAE at the World Expo in Shanghai, which closed its doors on October 31, received almost 2 million visitors during the six month event, organisers said.
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  • 2. Yume Robo climbing robots

    2010. 1 November

    by Mark R

    ( The Shanghai Expo saw some interesting exhibits such as the end of the driverless vehicles trip, and then these three guys.

    This trio are known as Yume Robo, and they have been climbing up and down this 15-meter wall at the Japanese pavilion every 20 minutes, for approximately 184 days. The three robot team was created by some group of engineers “at 15 small and midsize companies in Osaka”.

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  • 3. Never say goodbye to the World Expo

    2010. 1 November

    by Xu Lin
    ( It's the afternoon of October 31, the last day of Shanghai World Expo 2010. Visitors are still queuing outside the pavilions, chatting to each other. Staff are still introducing the exhibitions and volunteers are ushering people into the pavilions. All are savoring the final moments of the great event. No one wants to leave.
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  • 4. Shanghai's World Expo: The Curtain Falls

    2010. 1 November

    by Tom Doctoroff
    ( At yesterday's closing ceremony for the Shanghai World Expo, China's Prime Minister, Wen Jiaobao, expressed lofty sentiments regarding the event's impact: "Only when the ideas behind the accomplishments of civilizations are shared can they become treasures for all of humanity and be carried on forever."

    Judging by these poetic, open-armed standards, the Expo has been a colossal failure. Despite the official tally of 73 million visitors, the vast majority of them mainland Chinese, the world's response to Shanghai's self-proclaimed moment in the sun has been been a gigantic, collective yawn. And no wonder. Click here >> more info...

  • 5. GM Wraps Up Shanghai Expo Presence

    2010. 1 November

    GM SAIC time capsule

    ( The honeymoon American manufacturer GM had with its Chinese partner SAIC at the Shanghai World Expo 2010 is about to end, after for some six months no less than 2.2 million visitors came by to visit.

    To mark the end of their first joint exhibition, GM and SAIC will create a time capsule, containing a SAIC-GM Pavilion brochure (Freedom of Mobility Brings People Closer Together) pavilion videos and a T-shirt on which the visitors wrote
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  • 6. Full text of Premie Wen's speech

    2010. 31 October

    Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao addresses the opening ceremony of the Expo 2010 Shanghai China Summit Forum held in Shanghai, east China, Oct. 31, 2010. The Shanghai World Expo 2010 is set to be closed later here Sunday.(Xinhua/Pang Xinglei)

    ( The following is the full text of Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao's speech delivered at the opening ceremony of Expo 2010 Shanghai China Summit Forum held in Shanghai, east China, Oct. 31, 2010.
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  • 7. End of Expo: Why Expo 2010 Mattered

    2010. 31 October

    by Adam Minter

    ( The personal and professional interests of the foreign media in China have never had much in common with the average Chinese people with whom they cover. Sometimes, this is a good and necessary thing: if the foreign media won’t cover Chinese dissidents, who will? But often, this produces absurd results that distort – for readers and viewers outside of China – what matters to China.
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  • 8. Seventy mln visitors to World Expo shows event's appeal

    2010. 24 October

    Tourists visit the World Expo Park in Shanghai, east China, Oct. 24, 2010. The number of visitors to the Shanghai World Expo 2010 topped 70 million Sunday, reaching the expectation of the Expo Bureau before its opening on May 1, according to the official Expo website on Sunday. (Xinhua/Li Jian)

    ( The number of visitors to the Shanghai World Expo 2010 topped 70 million Sunday, meeting organizers' expectations, according to an announcement on the official Expo website.

    Total visitor arrivals broke the 70 million mark as of 10:17 a.m. Sunday and by 1:30 p.m. some 572,900 visitors had entered the Expo Park Click here >> more info...

  • 9. Chile mine rescue capsule heads to Expo

    2010. 18 October

    A model of the rescue capsule that brought the Chilean miners to safety is being sent to the Shanghai Expo.

    ( A model of the 'Phoenix' rescue capsule that brought 33 miners to safety after almost 10 weeks in a Chilean mine is being sent to the Shanghai Expo.

    Speaking on the public television station TVN, Chile Interior Minister Rodrigo Hinzpeter said on Sunday the replica
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  • 10. Shanghai Expo sets new daily visitor record of 1.33 mln

    2010. 18 October

    ( A total of 1.33 million people visited the Shanghai expo on Saturday, an absolute record since the Expo opened on May 1, a RIA Novosti correspondent reported.

    Sunday failed to break the newly established record with only 745,000 visitors registered.
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  • 11. AVL Presenting Fuel Cell Commuter at Expo

    2010. 18 October

    AVL is presenting an electric vehicle with a fuel cell range extender at the Austria Tec Week within the scope of Expo Shanghai 2010. AVL says that the substantial advantage of the AVL Fuel Cell Commuter (AVL FCC) is its continuous availability due to the significantly reduced charging time: refueling with hydrogen only takes a few minutes, while charging a battery takes a few hours.

    by Green Car Congress
    ( This technology in the AVL FCC is the result of a research project conducted in conjunction with Tongji University, which is supported with financial means from the climate fund.
    Click here >> more info...
  • 12. Italy to showcase jewelry excellence

    2010. 29 September

    ( The Italian Culture Ministry on Tuesday presented a breathtaking exhibition on Italy's jewelry excellence and artisan tradition, which will soon open at the Shanghai Expo.

    The exposition, titled "The Gold of Taranto," will start on Oct. 2 and will be showcasing Italy's unique and precious jewel history dating back to 600 B.C. and running up to the first Click here >> more info...

  • 13. Privatizing Public Diplomacy:

    2010. 29 September

    Clinton's Shanghai Expo Sustainability Pledge Goes Awry

    by Bob Jacobson
    ( I've written before in The Huffington Post about the State Department's plan to privatize American public diplomacy, prototyping the approach using the multi-multi-million dollar USA Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo.

    It goes like this, 1-2-3:

    (1) Create a bogus nonprofit corporation -- in this case, called Shanghai Expo 2010, Inc. -- to substitute for the Government as caretaker of the public-diplomacy function. Click here >> more info...

  • 14. Hot pavilions seek post-Expo legacy

    2010. 29 September

    by Ni Dandan
    ( With a little over a month to go until the curtain drops on the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai, the most popular pavilions inside the Expo Park are busy entertaining ideas on how they will pursue their legacy long after the six-month show comes to a close.
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  • 15. Standard Expo tickets upgradeable

    2010. 29 September

    ( Authorities are allowing standard tickets to the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai to be upgraded to peak tickets for entry during the National Day holiday, which runs from September 30 to October 7.

    The move, announced Monday by the Expo Coordination Bureau, is aimed at allowing those who acquired their tickets at non-peak prices to still be able to visit the Expo over the holiday period by paying the difference
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  • 16. Medvedev opens Russia Day

    2010. 28 September

    President Dmitry Medvedev has opened Russia Day at the EXPO-2010 exhibition in Shanghai. Photo: RIA Novosti

    ( President Dmitry Medvedev has opened Russia Day at the EXPO-2010 exhibition in Shanghai. He said during the opening ceremony that over 5 million guests had already visited the Russian pavilion.

    The ITAR-TASS news agency quotes the Russian leader as saying that the exhibition is indeed a huge festivity that’s brought together great numbers of people, dozens of world nations, focused on the common idea of how a city of the future will look like. Click here >> more info...

  • 17. ZTE exhibits multi-node navigation device

    2010. 28 September

    by Anuradha Shukla, MIS Asia
    ( JSFC SISTEMA and ZTE have teamed up to offer the world's first multi-node navigation device.

    To be used for dispatching, navigation, emergency communications and dispatching purposes, and compatible with all four major satellite navigation systems currently in use, the device was demonstrated on Russian Day at EXPO 2010 Shanghai.

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  • 18. Cambodian King Leaves for China's World Expo

    2010. 27 September

    ( Cambodian King Norodom Sihamoni left Phnom Penh on Monday for China to attend the celebration of China's National Pavilion Day at Shanghai World Expo 2010 at the invitation of China.

    China's National Pavilion Day at Shanghai World Expo will be celebrated on Oct. 1, the Chinese National Day.
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  • 19. Performances open Xinjiang Week

    2010. 27 September

    ( Xinjiang Week kicked off at the Expo Garden's Baosteel Stage on Sunday with performers from the northwestern autonomous region putting on an ethnic song and dance show.

    With the theme of "Xinjiang is a wonderful place", organizers of Xinjiang Week hope to demonstrate the generosity and cheerfulness of the region's people Click here >> more info...

  • 20. The USA Pavilion and Alcoa Foundation jointly announced

    2010. 27 September

    ( The USA Pavilion and Alcoa Foundation jointly announced today that the Pavilion has reached carbon equilibrium covering the entire six-month duration of the Shanghai Expo, including the production of key building materials used in the Pavilion. A total of 8,250 tons of carbon offset credits were purchased from three selected Gold Standard-certified projects in China to offset the Pavilion's carbon footprint.

    As the first national pavilion committed to be carbon neutral during the entire six months, the USA Pavilion fulfills a pledge to be a green pavilion, a commitment U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton Click here >> more info...

  • 21. Iconic Burj Khalifa model wins over visitors at UAE Pavilion

    2010. 21 September

    ( Sculpted like a sand dune, the much-acclaimed UAE pavilion, which was rated as one of the most popular pavilions at the Shanghai World Expo, has added the immensely popular attraction – a model of Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building.

    Visitors to the UAE's unique pavilion are mesmerised by the tall showcase displaying the eye-catching model, which was provided by the Burj Khalifa's developer, Emaar Properties, the global property developer with significant presence Click here >> more info...

  • 22. Take the Expo home

    2010. 21 September

    Haibao toys are for sale at a licensed products store of the Expo 2010.

    by He Jing

    ( If a trip to the Expo Park is like a banquet, replete with dishes (or pavilions) from every corner of the world, then the souvenirs one can purchase there are like dessert. Knick-knacks and memorabilia are a fantastic way to top off a visit to the Shanghai World Expo.
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  • 23. Expo-2010 hears about preparations for Asia Pacific summit

    2010. 21 September

    Expo-2010 hears about preparations for Asia Pacific summit

    by RIA Novosti

    ( Preparations for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit and Primorsky Territory’s investment potential were on the agenda of the territory’s presentation at Expo-2010 World Exhibition.
    Click here >> more info...
  • 24. Taiwan Pavilion covers construction, operating costs

    2010. 21 September

    by Charles Kang, Huang Yen-yu and Elizabeth Hsu
    ( The Taiwan Pavilion at the World Exposition Shanghai 2010 has earned enough to cover all the costs of building and running it for the six-month show, the chairman of the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) said Monday.

    The semi-official council, which is responsible for running the pavilion, has collected the full cost of NT$1.1 billion (US$34.75 million) through donations from enterprises and the sale of the facility, Wang Chih-kang said.
    Click here >> more info...
  • 25. Denmark Wins Nordic Expo championship

    2010. 20 September

    ( After a fierce battle Denmark became Nordic Champion at EXPO 2010 Shanghai. Norway came in second, followed by Sweden, Finland and Iceland.

    During the day guides from each pavilion competed with sweat, ink and rubber boots to resolve the historical battle about which Nordic country is the best.
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